Some time ago, Quiet Storm, Inc. (QSi) recognized the promise of technology, but also realized how often the promise went unfulfilled.

The cause always came down to 2 basic reasons -- inexperience resulted in the same mistakes being repeated over and over, and the technology was deployed from a technical, not business / personal, perspective. Brilliant ideas were never reaching their full potential. Technology was treated either as a mechanization task, or as a revolution. Although it certainly can be both, itís often most effective when its viewed as part of an evolution. An evolution that recognizes the impact on, and interaction with, people.

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ď Itís NOT so much what you did, what you spent, or what you delivered, LAST YEAR ..... but rather itís are you using every advantage, every technology, to out-plan, outthink and outmaneuver your competition THIS YEAR? ď


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